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Has having your staff working remotely made you think differently about how much office space you have and how work gets done in the future?

We can help transition your property planning into less space, more savings with more flexibility.

Our work from home office solution as well at future proofing your space planning at the office in a new normal will make sure your staff are in touch, in tune and safely so.

Willbridge Covid


Re-negotiations of lease renewals or cancellations, legal advice and turnover negotiations, tenant mix changes, etc. 


Change in use and behaviour, vacancies, sub leases, sales, consolidation, possible changes in workspace and building codes, etc.


Growth Strategy, lease back, logistics trends, expansion zones (SEZ), road to rail strategies, etc.


Survival, change of use (quarantine quarters), contract renewals, etc.

Tailor Your Solution

At Willbridge we understand that every business is unique,
which is why we shall assess your specific requirements to find the best solution.