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Our approach

We focus primarily on understanding business needs and then translate those requirements into a profitable property strategy. Our track record is everything.

We use a range of strategic partnerships (development, evaluations, space planning, research, facilities management, feasibility analysis, refurbishments etc) and our extensive property networks to create the solutions that meet our clients' property needs, whether it be leased or owned. We work across disciplines - residential, retail, construction, hospitality or commercial - existing or to be developed.


Relationships are our business.
Passion is our style.
Delivery is our motto.

Viv Delbridge

Principal and Founding Director

Principal and Founding Director of Willbridge Property Company – 11 years.  Senior Manager at Old Mutual Property for 14 years. Holds an MPRE in Real Estate and specialises in property transactions across all property sectors. Her 25 years of experience include Corporate Real Estate Services, commercial and industrial leasing, Investment sales, residential and commercial site selection,  residential unit sales for new developments.

At Old Mutual Property, she was the forerunner in providing Corporate Real Estate Services in SA in the late 1990s and has provided key property solutions for many of SA’s top corporate clients (Old Mutual Insure, Fashaf, Sun International, SafMarine, Nedbank, Sasol, KPMG, Grant Thornton, Virgin Active, Old Mutual, Woolworths) this included solutions for head offices, asset swops, improved locations, lease cancellations, lease backs, sales, sub-lets and space planning.

She ran the leasing division for commercial and industrial leasing at OMP for many years and was responsible for unlocking the development pipeline with dedicated development leasing teams, letting over 800 000m2 of commercial space in the last decade. She was a founding member of the Woman’s Property Network.

Ronel Otto

Head of Retail and Commercial Leasing

Over 20 years of experience in the property industry delivering innovative and tailored solutions for clients in the retail sector.  Whether it is a new retail development, an existing mall or commercial premises to manufacture from Ronel has the track record to negotiate lucrative deals whilst communicating effectively with all stakeholders.

Development Retail leasing Consultant at Old Mutual for 7 years, 7 years of entrepreneurial Retail Leasing and consulting and then 6 years as a Portfolio Leasing Manager for Shoprite Checkers. She successfully completed 8 new Retail and Mixed -Use Developments and let a total of 67200 square meters.

She helps tenants and landlords to get the most out of their property investments.  She is an expert at sourcing the opportunity, engaging with retailers and landlords and creating an effective tenant mix strategy. She works with the project teams from the initial design, does the lease negotiations, and follows through to the tenant fit-out stage and coordination until opening day.

She thrives on the challenges and opportunities the property market presents and her optimism inspires all around her.

Brent Wiltshire

Development and Infrastructure Consulting

Founding director of Willbridge Property Company - 10 years. Executive at Old Mutual Property for 14 years (22 years at OMP). Director of local and international (India and Saudi Arabia) companies 2000 -2020.  He has 32 years of property experience in retail property management, asset management and development. Founding director Green Building Council of SA

He has been responsible for the development and acquisition of many of Old Mutual’s flagship property investments and for the implementation of many ancillary start-up businesses (Primall Media, Lifestyle Marketing, Imax Theatres, Wavehouse, Customer training programmes etc). 

He has consulted abroad in Ukraine, Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic, Nigeria, UAE and Namibia, to name a few.  He has delivered over R12 billion in asset value of new developments and refurbishments as a Development Executive.

Let’s put your property investments to work

With a working partnership that spans 20 years, we understand the simple premise that relationships, and the ability to deliver, counts more than any promise or proposal.


Bringing Roleplayers Together

Tuynhuys is a futuristic new block of 47 new apartments in the heart of Cape Town's old city legal district, directly opposite the Cape High Court, proving that innovative modern high-rises are possible (and desirable) in even the most sensitive historic locations.