You’re invited up…

Tuynhuys, our futuristic new apartment tower, is the cover story of the April edition of VISI magazine (published under exclusivity) and it’s now finally possible for you to check the building out for yourself.

We’re excited to attach never-before-seen exterior and public areas photography from the internationally-acclaimed David Southwood, as well as interior imagery by Linley Meavers, documenting two of the most striking apartments in the building – the biggest and the tallest, as well as the smallest and the lowest.

It’s a big building (eleven storeys) on a small site of only 450m². 

Since completion, Tuynhuys has captured the public imagination, having been documented by the city’s top photographers, lauded in the design media, and even drawn and painted by artists and illustrators from around the country. The 47 upscale apartments range from 24m² studios to 85m² 2-bedroomed penthouses, both pictured below. 

The building has been solidly occupied and well-held since completion in November 2019 (and is recovering remarkably post-lockdown) as tenants favour cleaner, brighter, modern accommodation. If architecture could inspire loyalty, Tuynhuys has favourably endured its first major test.

Robert Silke & Partners is the design architect and interior designer.

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