Thousands gain new skills through multi-faceted service programme

THOUSANDS of men and women engaged in the portfolios of retail, commercial and industrial premises developed and managed by Old Mutual Properties, are gaining new skills through Imprint, a multi-faceted programme aimed at empowering them to deliver world-class service.

The SETA-registered was prompted by Old Mutual Properties’ drive to ensure that contact with staff and those service providers who manage company properties is synonymous with service excellence.

Brent Wiltshire, retail executive for Old Mutual Properties, says: “Imprint has its origin in our retail division where we go to great lengths to design and build shopping destinations for our clients that provide a unique and enjoyable experience. To ensure a place in which people feel comfortable to relax, interact and have fun requires a dedicated focus on the human component. This is where customer service comes in.

“It is our intention not only to enhance the service provided at our centres but that the people involved benefit from the training they receive in their jobs.

“We currently employ thousands of workers via our service providers and this programme means that each person has their personal approach enhanced. The programme addresses personal enhancement through a focus on life skills, nutritional intake and management of finances, including a look at products and services best suited to individual needs.

“Complementing this programme is an initiative which has seen smaller tenants in shopping centres receive consulting service on retailing. This service was first introduced as a landlord initiative to support small traders needing assistance through difficult periods, particularly in the early stages of a shopping centre’s life.

“The trust is on helping retailers improve their offerings according to the basics of retailing. Programmes for small retailers and individual store assessments will address any overall deficiencies in what our tenants have to offer.”


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