Old Mutual to run shopping centre in heart of Lusaka

OLD MUTUAL Properties has been awarded contract to manage a shopping centre in the heart of Lusaka.

The contract, which begins on July 1, is to manage Manda Hill in all facets, from day to day operations to leasing and financial services.

Brent Wiltshire, retail property executive of Old Mutual Properties, says the company was the preferred bidder on tender against stiff competition from the traditional players in this market.

The contract follows the company’s involvement as retail leasing and management consultants on developments in Egypt and assignments for its facilities management consulting division in Malawi and Swaziland.

Manda Hill is owned by a consortium of international investors who have little experience in running a shopping centre and looked to managers with expertise, said Wiltshire.

“Old Mutual Properties has a great deal of experience in the development and management of similar projects. Apart from the expertise we have developed on large projects in South Africa, we have been at the forefront of such developments in both Zimbabwe and Namibia.

“The availability within our core team to provide expert input on a variety of issues in support of a local management team was a strong factor in our favour. We have developed a process that gives clients access to the best skills and technology at affordable prices.

“The contract provides for a performance-driven incentive which also gives the owner some comfort that there will be delivery. “

The centre, which was opened in October 1999, comprises 55 shops.


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